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PsychAccess® serves:
•Native English speakers, and
•Those clients who are more fluent in the English language than German.
•Adults, senior citizens, young adults, teen-agers and children aged 7+.

PsychAccess® is available to:
•Those with referrals from doctors, psychological counselors/therapists, and school counselors
•And, to those seeking to understand their potential and talents, furthering personal and professional growth.

PsychAccess® provides:
•Access to fair psychological assessments based on interviews conducted in English with a native English speaking Psychologist,
•Access to fair assessments with original, top quality psychological tests in the English language in the following areas:
   --clinical (i.e. anxiety, depression, chronic pain, memory, attention, ADHD)

   --psychoeducational (i.e. learning disorders, mental retardation, motivation, achievement)

    --vocational interests/development (i.e. interest searches and career changes)

    --personality testing (i.e. introversion, self-esteem, coping styles), and

    --therapy oriented (i.e. family dynamics and above mentioned topics).
•Access to fair assessment results based on comparisons to the English speaking populations, and
•Access to modern computerized tests.
•Some testing is also available in German.
•An assessment typically includes the interview, testing, written report and a final consultation.

Psychological Consultation at PsychAccess®: 
Consultations are available in English or German. Areas of specialty include:
•Transition stress after an international relocation,
•Learning disorders and ADHD,
•Parent coaching,
•Psychological aspects of chronic pain and illness, heart disorders, and
•Stress management.

Gesundheitspsychologie / Kinder-/Jugendpsychologie / Klinische Psychologie / psychologische Diagnostik
Belastungsstörungen / Chronische/schwere Erkrankungen / Depression / Hyperaktivität: Überaktivität / Kinder/Jugendliche / klinisch-psychologische Diagnostik / Konzentrationsstörungen / Lebenskrisen/ -veränderungen / Legasthenie / Schmerz / Teilleistungsstörungen / Tests
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